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How Real Estate Agents Can Double Their Income Year Over Year!

In a competitive industry where the housing market in various cities seems to tighten a bit, how does an agent remain ultra-competitive and continue to drive their book a business year over year? The key to being able to increase new business and double your income year over year comes down to a couple of essential things.

Let’s jump into the key strategies that are fueling agency growth.

  1. Communicate with buyers and sellers at the beginning.
  2. Reputation for delivering
  3. Strong referral network
  4. Market presence

Let’s go through each of these strategies.

Communicate with buyers and sellers at the beginning

So how does a real estate agent become present at the beginning of the buyer and seller journey? Competition in just about every market makes it difficult to be one of the first to connect with a buyer or seller. However, it does come down to understanding their behavioral data when a buyer and seller are ready to hit the market.

Today, buyers and sellers start the process by searching the internet. 90% of all buyers search the web at the beginning of their home search. They’ll perform a series of Google searches and research different opportunities.  Sellers will start looking at comparable homes and even pull an online property valuation report on their home. The average person performs 11 searches before taking action. Whether this is an incognito attempt to gather information or compile a wish list the internet is the starting point for most buyers and sellers.

Depending on the buyer or seller’s situation this process can be immediate or last a few months. To be successful, an agent wants to become the go-to resource at the beginning of the process.

Reputation for delivering

Not all real estate agencies can deliver for their clients in the same manner. Let’s take a million dollar listing for example; some real estate agents will make the listing without the experience or bandwidth to market the home for the maximum market presence needed to sell it.

Quite frankly, they don’t have the budget nor the contacts to effectively market the property. They’ll extend their resources, do a few brokers opens, and cross their fingers and wait.

Unfortunately, we see this a lot where an agent will tie up a home. In the Phoenix market, only 31% of homes over 1-million sell within six months. At the Jason Mitchell Group, an astounding 77% of homes over 1-million sell within six months.  For homes under 1-million, The Jason Mitchell Group offers a 21-day close guarantee.

Strong referral network

Building your referral network is essential as a real estate agent, and it takes a lot of time. Traditionally, an Agent would spend countless hours attending MeetUp Groups, BNI meetings, Chamber meetings, etc. It takes time to develop the relationships necessary to grow a referral partner network.

At The Jason Mitchell Group, our business model is simple, serve multiple markets across the US while having a team of motivated agents who can service multiple lead providers.

On average JMG agents close four-team deals to one self-generated deal. The Jason Mitchell Group becomes the most valuable commodity to their agent’s book of business via our arbitrage rations. By keeping the agent count in line with the continual lead flow, JMG ensures that every agent has a substantial opportunity to close more business than anywhere else.  

Market Presence

Not all agencies have the infrastructure in place to manifest an agents success. It’s critical for an agent to align with an agency that promotes and stays true to their same core values. The Jason Mitchell Group offers a unique opportunity for agents to grow and transform their careers to reach pinnacle heights and beyond.

Forbes and the Phoenix Business Journal recognize JMG as America’s #1 Top Producing Real Estate Team. With over 2 Billion in total sales volume, The Jason Mitchell Group has completed over 3000 transactions from referral partnerships.

JMG has created a name for itself by building the largest referral partner team in the country and providing real estate services to companies such as Quicken, OpenDoor, In House Realty, Rocket Homes, Redfin, HomeBird and many more.

As a Real Estate Agent, working for the right agency will prove to be one of the most significant decisions an agent will make in their career.

To Learn More about an opportunity with The Jason Mitchell Group Click Here.

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