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Leon Gavartin

The systems, structure and support coupled with awesome partners provide an environment that makes a good agent great!

Aaron Bennet

I'm only half way through my first year working for The Jason Mitchell Group and I've already eclipsed my volume from last year working for another team. The leads are top quality and you're given the opportunity to be a true real estate professional.

Jonathan Leaman

Going on two years at JMG, my business has grown substantially year over year due to the best reputation, systems and support that we offer. If the opportunity is given to you to come aboard you would be foolish to pass it up.

Will Behrens

I joined The Jason Mitchell Group team fresh out of real estate school, new to Phoenix , and with no real sphere of influence. Now I am in my second full year, and on pace to close over $20MM in deals this year! I know it never would have been possible to launch my real estate career this quickly at any other place than the The Jason Mitchell Group.

Claire Gladstein

When I first met Jason Mitchell and he told me his vision for this team I was hooked! I had been in Real Estate for about 8 years already, but had never found the right team or platform that brought out my full potential. Working as a team with the unique resources ours has, including our custom client management system, strong referral networks, incredible social media marketing -not to mention a collection of diverse and highly talented salespeople - there is so much support in the areas I need it that I can completely focus on my strengths and I have been able to take my sales numbers to a level I'd never thought possible!