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Recognized by Forbes and the Phoenix Business Journal as America's #1 Most Productive Real Estate Brokerages, Jason Mitchell Real Estate is by far the most trusted agency in the business.

With over $11 Billion in total sales volume, Jason Mitchell Real Estate has successfully completed over 24,000 transactions.

Our Unique Model

Jason Mitchell Real Estate is a leading provider in real estate education and technology that enables real estate agents to scale their business and achieve their goals. Jason Mitchell Real Estate offers agents a nationally recognized and trusted brand for them to build their business while being supported by leaders in the industry.

What we can help you achieve:
  • Higher Productivity
  • Increased Sales
  • Trust Within Your Marketplace
  • Higher Conversion Rates
  • Network Certified (Referral Agent)
  • Traditional Agent (Non-Referral Agent)
  • Agent Blueprint Agent (Non-Referral Agent, Agents in Training)
  • Team Leaders
Mission Control

Mission Control

At The Jason Mitchell Group, we understand that positive client experience is of the utmost importance. This is why we have a dedicated Client Experience team (aka Mission Control), to make sure all your clients are never left in the dark. From inception to critical milestones during the transaction process, our client experience team will ensure your clients will have the best experience possible.

Constant Connection

a month

Throughout the transactional experience, and beyond we connect your clients to make sure they have an exceptional experience.

The Best Training & Coaching In The Industry

Our goal in creating the JMG coach’s corner is to provide more value to our agents via coaching than any other brokerage in the USA. Our platform will enhance the careers of our agents while also adding a massive value proposition in our recruiting efforts that are unmatched in the industry. This product will be offered to ALL JMG agents regardless of what program they are on.

Tom Ferry Tom Ferry
Sales & Structure

Tom Ferry. Tom Ferry is known worldwide as being one of the very top real estate coach’s the industry. With over 50,000 students taught Tom’s programs have been implemented by more individuals, teams and brokerages than any other in the country. Tom’s passion and commitment to educating agents has placed him at the helm of coaching.

VALUE PROPOSITION In tom’s coaching course, our agents will learn the value of creating structure in their business. building the right foundation of time management. and the importance of setting goals to reach your top potential

James Wexler James Wexler
Winning with wex

James Wexler has been ranked the top real estate agent in the state of Arizona. In 2020 James sold over $130,000,000 in real estate personally and is on pace to achieve $160,000,000 plus in 2021. His drive and passion to continue to raise the bar is unmatched in the industry.

VALUE PROPOSITION Mastering the art of sales. winning with wex will consist of educating our agents on the importance of understanding sales techniques and how to utilize these tools in the field to achieve more sales. in this coaching course james will identify all aspects of the critical path to real estate sales and the best sales approaches to master all levels.

Tony Giordano Tony Giordano
Social media branding

Tony Giordano. Tony Giordano has been recognized as one of the nation’s most sought after coach’s and trainers in our industry. His book, “The Social Agent 2.0” is one of the top selling real estate books on the market and an Amazon best seller. His social media platform is taught throughout the world to ten’s of thousands of real estate professionals.

VALUE PROPOSITION Tony will be educating our agents on mastering the art of social media. from linked, facebook, instagram and beyond, his coaching series is dedicated to teaching our agents the true power of social media and how to utilize best practices in their business.

Rene Rodriguez Rene Rodriguez
Maximizing your mind

Rene Rodriguez. Rene Rodriguez has been recognized throughout the country as one of the top sales trainers utilizing the power and understanding of behavioral neuroscience. Rene uses these methods to enhance mindset and confidence to his students. His renowned course AMPLIFII is known the world over as one of the most transformational sales courses available.

VALUE PROPOSITION Rene will work with our jmg agents on controlling situational sales. he will utilize mindset theory’s to give our agents more confidence and a better understand of the human mind when dealing with clients.

Jason Mitchell Jason Mitchell

Jason Mitchell, Jason Mitchell is the CEO of the Jason Mitchell Group, The #1 Real Estate Team in the USA. He has been ranked one of the top agents in the United States year over year He has been voted realtor of the decade and named RIS media’s most connected real estate agent in the country.

VALUE PROPOSITION Rapid fire will consist of a monthly q&a from jmg agents discussing the current state of the market, how to over come objections and best practices to help build your business

Jennifer Bury Jennifer Bury
Agent Blueprint 101

Jennifer Bury, Jennifer Bury has been ranked one of the top real estate professionals at JMG since 2018. She currently serves as the Regional Vice President of Sales overseeing our East Coast Division Presidents. Located in Tucson, AZ Jennifer runs the most productive branch of JMG throughout the USA.

VALUE PROPOSITION Agent blueprint 101 is a program that was designed to be a core basic real estate sales course discussing the pure fundamentals of the business. from contract writing, systems, processes and best practices. this course will allow agents to have the tools necessary to start their career on the right path.

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