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Stoneman Alhambra CA 91801

Nerida review Nerida starts off great by spending however long you need on a one on one meeting to give you the low down on home buying and market conditions Buying a home is the biggest investment in your life and it takes time and lots of patience. Home buying is nothing easy. It’s probably one of the most traumatic things as well as exciting things one person or family can go through and Nerida really does Sheppard you through this crazy adventure. She’s is very personable and stay on top of every aspect and party involved in the buying process. She gets things done . Every property and offer is different and she has a process down for getting thru every obstacle. Nerida has your best interest at heart from start to finish. She makes deals happen. With every obstacle that comes up in a home search she doesn’t lose motivation or drive to persevere. I highly recommend Nerida!

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