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Tom Mitchell

Working with The Jason Mitchell Group has been a great experience. The company is always striving to get more efficient for our clients. We have a goal and that is to make the home purchasing experience a stress free efficient process. Working with the team has made me grow by teaching me that building rapport is a key factor, not only in the line of business we are in, but in everyday life. I have never been more financially stable than I have been since I have joined the team. It's nice to wake up everyday and enjoy coming to the office. That is how it's been since I have started with JMG.

Scott Degnan

Being given the opportunity to work for The Jason Mitchell Group has been an incredible experience both professionally and personally. It has not only changed my real estate business, but the way I approach every transaction. Personally, Jason is a tremendous motivator! He knows how to get the best out of his agents by encouraging them and teaching them what he has learned during his time in real estate. In my opinion, I feel blessed to be apart of something great.

Jennifer Bury

Where do I even start with this? There are things in life that set you on fire with excitement and I can say that being a part of The Jason Mitchell Group is definitely one of them. The systems, processes and culture are the epitome of what a real estate team should look like. Since joining the Jason Mitchell Group I have not only grown personally and professionally, but more importantly have watched our Tucson team launch to new levels.