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How To List Your Property

Congratulations on getting your property signed! We know it is not easy to get potential buyers, However, below you will be guided on how to list your property the proper way and start receiving leads and turn it into a potential buyers!

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Update CAMP
Update your CAMP with your new listing(s)
USchedule Your Photos
Get professional photos taken of the property
Order Your Materials
Place your orders for signs and lockboxes
List Your Property
Take the tutorial and list your property the correct way
Step 01
Update CAMP
Once you have a signed listing or several, simply update CAMP by moving your contact information into the "New Listing Sign" stage.
Step 02
Schedule Your Photos
It is important to take great photos of your signed property in order to increase your leads. Get your home professionally photographed by one of our trusted partners.
Step 03
Order a Sign and Lockbox
Don't forget to order your sign and lockbox! Champs Post inventories all JMRE listing signs, agent name riders, and lockboxes too!.
Step 04
List Your Property
Click on the button below to take a training course on how to properly list a property on the MLS through ARMLS.

Your Final Step!

Update Seller in CAMP. Once your listing has gone live, Update and stage again to S: Listed. Click SAVE and you are all set!. Good Luck!!

Here’s Are Some Quick Tips to Consider When Listing Your Property

These tips are just a few to help you get started, kind of like a checklist. By following these tips you are sure to be on your way to success!

Use Good SEO Practice

SEO is essential for getting your listing noticed. Use keyword phrases like location terms like city, state or neighborhood.

Take Excellent Photos

Get your listing noticed with professionally taken photos of your beautiful backyard, pool or huge kitchen. Don’t use filters!

Use Your Email List

A great way to get your listing noticed is by listing in front of potential clients. Add an eye-catching headline and the information they need to make a decision.

Share Your Listing

Use Social Media to share your listings, this is an amazing way to market your listing and quickly let your network know your listing exists – try Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Reach Out to Your Personal Network

Sometimes the best way to market your listings is by going into the real world. Meet with friends and family and people you may know and get the word out.

Host an Open House

Open houses are a great way to get people from the neighborhood to view the home. Add some signs, balloons, have a plate of cookies and have casual conversations with walk-ins.

Team Gen Listing

Listing less than 500k? Get a credit of $200. Listing 500k or more? Get a credit of $350 at close of escrow.

Frequently Asked Qeustions

If you are having issues with ARMLS, please contact the ARMLS Support team @ 480-921-7777

If you end up listing a home and the property does not sell, simply submit a listing reimbursement form found in the back-office. Be sure to include your client name, property address, and listing cancellation date.

Easy! When your property sells, our processing team will credit you between 200 & 350 (depending on the sales price) when payouts occur. This credit to you will be found and notated on the final commission sheet. MLS, please contact the ARMLS Support team @ 480-921-7777

Yes, this is required to ensure our Universal Listing sign is utilized.

No, Our Universal “For Sale Signs” must be utilized for all “Team Generated” listings. We do encourage you to utilize a name rider to drive inbound calls to your personal phone.

It is highly recommended if you are in Maricopa County, to add Jason as the “Co-Listing Agent” as this will garner more views through Zillow and other MLS platforms.

Yes, you need to create your own account and let them know you are an agent with The Jason Mitchell Group.

You should be using your own personal lockbox and you may store them at CHAMPS

Reward is equal to a percentage of commissions payable to jason mitchell real estate, as the client’s broker. Amount is calculated after application all credits, fees and charges. Reward is equal up to amount legally permissible through title / escrow. Reward will be debited from the amounts otherwise due and payable to the brokerage at the closing. Reward will be credited to the client and reflected on the settlement statement at close of escrow. Reward shall be applied toward the client’s closing costs, such as, without limitation, lender fee, title fee, escrow fees. Privacy policy | terms & conditions

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