First Flight Mentorship Program
First Flight Schedule and Agenda
First Flight will consist of a total of 4 sessions throughout the program. All sessions are hosted via JMG Workplace App.

▼ WEEK 1

Role Call –  Introductions from agents to the Mentor.

Outline the basis of the program and what to expect.  

1. Role-playing over the critical path of sales

2. Understanding best practices of all partnerships 

3. Understanding the importance of updating 

4. What are bones  – how to give back 

5. What to look for when you receive a lead (important things to pay attention to)

6. Make sure everyone has the first flight calendar and mentees know that these meetings are required to attend.

▼ WEEK 2

Mastering the initial call (role play)

The initial call is the most important part of the critical path.

 Today’s subject is to discuss not only a great opening and how to engage with your client to build rapport but also the important things to look at prior to making the call.

Additional topics to discuss 

  1. New file add to escrow –  How to do this the right way.
  2. Utilizing Partnerships  AHS/ADT/Insurance/ 
  3. Using your JMG Pro app.  What are some of the key features of this app

▼ WEEK 3

How to properly tour and close a client.

Scheduling tours and going on property tours with your client is typically the first time they may meet you in person. It’s Important to make sure that we are setting up these tours correctly. 

Additional topics to discuss 

  1. How JMG Transaction Services can assist with files and help create some leverage
  2. JMG Internal referrals is a great way to create some extra cash flow 
  3. Creating a great relationship with the loan officers is critical and they can request you in the future if they like doing business with you.
  4. Utilizing JMG Workplace


▼ WEEK 4


On this call, we want to make sure they are ready to hit the pavement and become a successful agent at JMG.

1. Final numbers.

2. Points of contact.

3. Coaches corner.

4. Partnerships.

5. Pay attention to your numbers.


Crystal Miller
Devin Halverson
Deborah Bush
Claire Gladstein
Devin Halverson
Deborah Bush
Claire Gladstein
Mentors that are a part of the program are all Presidents Club agents whom have proven a track record of superior success while at JMG.

Claire Gladstein is one of the top real estate agents in Arizona and has earned herself a reputation for being the best in her field. Her unique skills and expertise–ranging from helping first time home buyers, short sales, relocation, investment properties and new home sales in Arizona–has earned her the distinction of being the #1 Salesperson for the Jason Mitchell Group 7 years in a row, from 2014-2020. She has also received the Top Agent award for RocketHomes Nationwide 2019 and 2020.

Claire has over 15 years of experience in the Arizona Real Estate market, and has found unique ways of marketing home listings. She is a highly specialized real estate agent who works tirelessly to educate home buyers and sellers about the home buying and selling process. Claire and the rest of her team at the Jason Mitchell Group all share one common bond: they put their buyers and sellers’ needs first all of the time.

Deborah Bush

Deborah is a Los Angeles Native who has lived in many different neighborhoods throughout the Los Angeles and surrounding area. This has given her a unique perspective on all the hidden gems Southern California has to offer. She is committed to offering exceptional customer service, innovative real estate solutions and the highest levels of professionalism to all she serves. She prides herself on doing what’s right for her clients and makes sure they are happy through the entire real estate transaction.

She worked in the financial banking industry and because of her experience has been given the opportunity to take a hands-on approach to the home buying and lending process. She also has significant expertise in multi family investing through income properties to help guide her clients on different ways to help reach early retirement.

She is an active participant in her community and loves giving back and volunteering. She works closely with her team of lenders, home inspectors, and other vendors to create a seamless real estate transaction for all that she serves. Whether you are interested in real estate now or later she will work with you and help to create a plan to reach all of your real estate goals.

Devin Halverson has dedicated his life to the service of others. As a combat veteran of the United States Marine Corps he brings integrity, honor, and the utmost commitment to his clients. He continued his service after the military by working around the world as a counter-terrorism instructor. With a background like that, there is not much that phases him. He is undoubtedly the person you want on your side in the negotiation of purchasing or selling your home.

Licensed REALTOR in California and Arizona MBA – University of Southern California Jason Mitchell Group Rookie of the Year 2020 Jason Mitchell Group Top Producing Agents 2021 Top Producing Agent 1st Quarter 2021 – Homesmart 5 Star Rated Zillow Premier Agent
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